Welcome to all our new members. Please spread the word so we can join others together.

 Our prayers go with all of our members and their trials.

And I also am in hopes that everyone will spread the word to make our community bigger.




I am looking for unique ways of raising money for the Lupus Foundation,

 if you have any ideas please feel free to email me.

A full support is being formed in the Montgomery area.

Please stay with us for updates.

Calender of Events for Lupus Walkathons




Each year the Lupus Walk - a - thon is held in Birmingham AL - stay tuned for 2012 dates


If more information is needed please feel free to email me to ask for more information on your area.

If interested in starting a walkathon please feel free to talk to me as well.


Suthrnbelle927@yahoo.com - Please add Walkathon in the subject line.




 Contact Suthrnbelle927@yahoo.com

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