First of all let me introduce myself, my name is Olivia. I was diagnosed with Dermatomyostis at 16.

I have learned that with a disease this rare you feel alone.


 Do you feel there is no one out there who can truly understand you?

The pain, both physical and mental; the fear of the future?

This is not a site to give you medical terms for your life's problems,

this is a place to let you know you ARE NOT alone

 and to help you better understand how to deal with your illness.


This is were you can meet others like you.

 A place to share and compare stories and check on upcoming

 Lupus and Myositis Disease activities in your area.

Please if interested add your email address and I will set you up with a

Lupus or Myositis "Pen Pal" or as I like to call it E-Pal. 




   I have also prepared a link to great medical pages for research and give you a general

idea of your disease in easy to understand terms.

Just remember you are a unique person,

but you were made the way you are for a reason, use it to help others.  




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